Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love


Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love

I guess I’m in shape because a circle is a shape.

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"It’s pronounced like jif."

Yeah, well I don’t gif a fuck


Melina Marchetta, Jellicoe Road


Melina Marchetta, Jellicoe Road

If I ever let you down, it’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I don’t love myself.
William Chapman

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This is everything. 

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I’m tired… I’m so tired. I thought I just needed a night’s sleep, but it’s more than that.
Inside Llewyn Davis

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What doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2 am wishing it had.

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Treat me like a college textbook. Spend lots of money on me but never touch or look at me.

No. Treat me like your favorite book. Keep me by your side, touch my every page, learn all my twists and turns, remember every word I say, even the ones that make you cry.

*4-second-long fart noise*

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I was quiet, but I was not blind.
Jane Austen

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A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

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The reading comprehension and overall common sense on this website is piss poor.

How dare you say we piss on the poor

I am I, and I wish I weren’t.
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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